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About Us

Kennison Arts started out with a plan to recycle glass, and in doing so, save it from filling up our landfills. Years later it has evolved into including sheet metal, and it never gets boring!  So sometimes you will find our work is solely glass, sometimes it is completely metal, but most times you will find it is an interesting combination of both, along with local driftwood and stones.
We pull inspiration from the ocean, the treetops, and everywhere in between, using colours that range from bright & vibrant to soft & natural.  There are always surprises in store!
Whether you're looking for the perfect piece to brighten a room, or a handmade gift with a bit of a story behind it, you've come to the right place.
We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating it!

About Us: About


Our Studio is on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We take inspiration from our location, and sometimes our  more natural art supplies! including but not limited to: pebbles, stones, crystals, roots, bark, and driftwood!

Yes, we ship!


Meet The Artists


Shannon comes from a family of artists, with a long history in the field herself. She started Kennison arts with a goal to make something beautiful that helped her environment. She has pulled her family together to join her in the studio, and made a business out of it!

The Brain

The Brawn


James is a retired mechanic who is using his skills with tools to bring recycled sheet metal to life.  His experienced hands have gone from repairing vehicles to engraving fine details into feathers and leaves and texture into every piece art to make each one unique. 


The Mess

Madi comes from the same family of artists with a much shorter history than shannon, and certainly a more... modern point of view. Her experience with digital art translates surprisingly well to the painting booth, though real life paint sure makes a real life mess!


Where Else We Can Be Found


Coast & Cottage

Coast & Cottage is a quaint little retail shop with an eclectic collection of new, vintage, handcrafted & upcycled furniture and home decor pieces.
They consign work from local artisans and host a variety of DIY workshops. 


Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is a 119-year-old internationally-renowned 55-acre display garden located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Created by Jennie Butchart, and still privately owned and operated by the family.


The Gallery
at Mattick's Farm

Since 1997, The Gallery at Mattick's Farm has been a proud supporter of local and Canadian Artists and Artisans. Nestled in the heart of Cordova Bay, The Gallery at Mattick's Farm is truly a one of a kind destination. 

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The Saltbox Shoppe

The Saltbox Shoppe specializes in creating wonderful and whimsical birdhouses and one of a kind folk art, for home, garden, office and cottage. They strive to have products that are 100% “Canadian made”.


Lunar Reflection

This Comox-based boutique offers a personalized and  relaxed experience while enjoying  the natural shoreline beauty of  this destination. Hosts 40+ Canadian artists & Wellness activities.

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